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Did you ever feel like you were so busy you wished there was a replica…another you to wash clothes and cook food and work out and solve 6th grade math problems and manage families and businesses and brush tiny teeth and…? You get it. Mommyhood is not for the faint of heart. In fact my assistant (whom I share with my husband…thanks husband for sharing) is the one who keeps me in the loop…dinner with so and so tonight, meeting with her and him tomorrow, lunch with such and such next week, (and quite honestly I love those meetings and I love all the beautiful people we meet), dentist...

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Christmas lights, competitive neighbors and a missing Jesus from the Nativity!

Christmas has always been a big deal in my family! We love Christmas music and we love decorating our home for Christmas. In fact, Christina has decorated the inside and outside of our house this year and it looks amazing! In fact, there is a little competitive house decorating going on in our neighborhood. Each year, the neighbors have increased their lights and Christmas inflatables and guess what? We are right in the middle of the competition. Year by year, light by light, slowly our neighborhood has started to glow. No one actually admitting we are trying to up the anty, but we all know...

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